Our Philosophy

Assets are merely numbers — until they help someone get what they want.

With every new client, we begin with one simple question: What is most important to you?  

Some of our clients are most concerned with enabling their children and grandchildren to graduate from college and start their adult lives debt free.  Others want to build wealth so that they can maximize their charitable gifts.  Some individuals want to help aging parents, other family members — or even themselves — remain independent in their later years.  And for many, retiring comfortably and without anxiety after receiving that last paycheck is a primary goal.

Knowing your goals helps determine the path we will take — and there IS a path to help you achieve what you want!  Our role is to establish at the outset what that path will be, and to keep on it by focusing on the destination.  As we concentrate together on the big picture, we can help you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.